Thursday, December 29, 2016

Come Thrifting With Me: Fair Oaks Thrift Town

Thrift Town was the very first thrift store I visited in Sacramento. I moved into our house a month before the household goods arrived. I slept on an air mattress, in an empty room, with the five cats. This was the perfect time to have the floors redone (tile in place of carpet and the hardwood repaired and refinished). It was also the perfect time to repaint the front room. It was a sickly green color and I wanted it white. I bought my painting clothes at Thrift Town because I didn’t think to ship myself grubbies from Cincinnati.

Even, then, just shopping for clothes to ruin, I was impressed with Thrift Town’s size and selection. It’s large, well-lit, well-organized, and clean. I’m not surprised that it’s voted best thrift shopping by the community year after year. Come see for yourself! Let’s go thrifting . . .

Panties and Girdles
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. No. I love to thrift, but there are a few things I only buy new: bras, underwear, tights, socks, and leggings. I could do a better job purchasing all of those from more sustainable companies, though. I’ve recently started reading the EcoCult blog and found recomendations for 16 ethical and sustainable lingerie brands. I’ll save my pennies. (I do buy used slips. In fact I LOVE dead old lady slips. So, I guess I’m not a total used lingerie snob.)

Short Coats and Jackets
I had a denim jacket on my wishlist for this trip. I found a Jessica Simpson jacket with cropped sleeves to try on. I also put an olive Free People jacket in my cart, hoping I could get my regular sized arms into extra small sleeves.

Normally, I skip sections of clothing that may have been previously sweated in. However, I’ve been on a hoodie kick lately and I thought I’d see what I could find. This striped sweatshirt is labeled a size large, but I plucked it from the rail hoping it would be slouchy rather than sloppy.

I had high hopes for the skirt shopping since there is not one, not two, but THREE skirt sections: “Skirts,” “Mini Skirts & Short Skirts,” and “Long Skirts.” I was hoping for a denim skirt to replace my favorite, but now ripped and trashed, skirt from Ecothrift. I was also hoping for something really weird in the long skirts. Sadly, I was disappointed on both fronts. (And I didn’t even look in the regular “Skirts” section because: BORING!)

The shoes at Thrift Town are organized by type: boots, dress, and casual. Within each type, they are organized by color. How nifty is that?

I found some Carlos Santana western mules to add to my cart and some candy striper oxfords to just laugh at. (My phone’s autocorrect kept trying to change “candy striper” to “candy stripper,” but I think that’s a totally different thing. And that these shoes would not suit a stripper.)

It’s been unusually cold in Sacramento, so I looked through the sweaters. I have a really hard time looking at red clothing at the thrift store, including red sweaters, because when all the different reds are grouped together, it just makes my head hurt. So, I looked at blue sweaters instead and picked out a navy and white striped, hooded sweater to try on.

There are three skirt sections and three dress sections at Thrift Town! The dresses are categorized by Long Sleeve, Sleeveless, and Short Sleeve. I browsed them all. I was not at all impressed with the red number, below, found in the Long Sleeve section. I will admit, “long sleeve” is an accurate description - for the single sleeve it possesses. It’s a bit lacking in the “dress” department, though.I also found an open weave, white dress/tunic (pictured below) and a sleeveless, black Jones New York dress (pictured in the dressing room later in this post).

I wasn’t tempted to do anything but laugh at the offerings in the Vintage section. Most of it was stuff-you’d-find-at-the-end-of-a-yard-sale quality. This red velvet, mod dress would make a great Halloween costume, though.

Dressing Room
Here we go!

It’s difficult to tell from this picture, but the extra small Free People jacket gives me sausage arms. I couldn’t even pull the sleeves all the way on.

Speaking of sleeves, I thought I’d hate the cropped length of the Jessica Simpson denim jacket sleeves, but I don’t. I like how they showcase a longer sleeved item beneath. I’m undecided, though, so I ask Facebook and Instagram for guidance.

The size large hoodie is perfect for my Popeye arms! Never trust size labels, people!

The navy and white sweater is droopy and meh. The open weave tunic, though, is a possibility. It’s an odd choice for me (mostly because I don’t buy much white), but has much layering potential.

While I’m awaiting the verdict from my Facebook and Instagram peeps, I start making outfits with the denim jacket. It’s like naming a puppy. As soon as you do that, you know it’s coming home with you.

The black, Jones New York shirtdress is a perfect fit! Maybe a little long, but I’m going to try this length for a few wearings.

Now on to . . .

I’m just browsing, but I found a cobalt glass to buy and a Teletubbies bowl to giggle at.

While I was in the store, a woman brought this furniture in as a donation and it was priced and on the floor within 20 minutes. I was seriously impressed. And seriously considering buying all three pieces. However, I just sold our dining table and chairs and am trying to minimize the items in the house. So, I let these go:

I bought everything pictured in the dressing room (except the navy and white striped sweater), the mules, and the glass. (BTW: Facebook and Instagram agreed that the denim jacket was a "go.") My total: $39.90.

Thrift Town has been a reliable thrifting option for me for four years and counting! What it lacks in really weird stuff, it makes up for in quality and selection.

Check back tomorrow to see me wearing the open weave tunic! (I will wash it first.)

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Sheila said...

Why are interesting skirts so darned hard to find?? I have the same kind of luck as you when I'm thrifting them - so many black and grey skirts, excuse me while I fall asleep from the boredom!

A very Happy New Year to you, Beefy, the dogs and the kitties, Kasmira! All the best to you for your next adventures.