Saturday, December 24, 2016

World Peace in 2017

As we prepare to close out 2016, I’d like to do so with a joyful and optimistic attitude. Kindness and tolerance crosses all cultural and religious barriers. I learned this as a child, but sometimes need to remind myself as an adult. Thirty years ago, everyone in my 5th-grade class was required to write a poem about world peace for a contest and, to my surprise, I won first place for my age division. I should listen to the wisdom my 10-year-old self set down in verse. She advises me to be aware, communicative, giving, and understanding. I can’t argue with that as a manifesto for 2017.

This was my award-winning entry:

The Needs for “World Peace”

For “World Peace” we would need:
Control over poverty,
And no more people on the streets.
More people who open up their eyes and see,
What is going on around them.

For “World Peace” we would need:
Countries working side by side,
No more wars or conflicts between them.
Talking it out before they decide,
If they should really go to war.

For “World Peace” we would need:
To help other countries,
In their desperate need of aid.
Letting our friendship float over the shining seas,
Welcoming others into our homes.

For “World Peace” we would need:
Everyone with equal rights.
Black, Yellow*, and White,
All living together with no fights,
And no prejudisium.**

For “World Peace” we would need:
All these things and more.
If we all work peacefully together,
Violence’s might roar,
Will be gone and serenity shall rule.

By Kasmira*** Rak

*Yes, “yellow” is an offensive term to refer to an Asian person. I apologize. It was the 80’s and I didn’t know better.
**And I didn’t know that “prejudisium” was not a word until now.
***My name means “commands peace.” Isn’t that serendipitous? I certainly seek peace and serenity every day.

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Lorena said...

I can only say that you had it figured out back then K!