Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Green Linen Skirt

Beige jacket, Charlotte Russe. Coral blouse, Worthington. Green linen skirt with embroidery and beading, Richard Malcom. Beige slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Silver and turquoise earrings, hippie bead store at the Bellis Fair Mall.

It took me forever to find a top that goes with this skirt. White was boring, black was harsh, and green too monochromatic. Blue would work, but none of my blue tops quite matched the turquoise of the ribbon. I wouldn’t be caught dead with purple near my face. Finally, almost two years after buying the skirt, I found this coral blouse at JC Penney that almost matches the orange stitching on the orchids.

I promise that the entire ensemble was pressed before work. Of course, it wrinkled as soon as I sat down.

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Elegance and Mommyhood said...

You look so cute & girly in that precious skirt and the precious smile of yours. ;-)