Monday, April 30, 2007

A Lucky How-To

White oxford body suit, Moda International. Rust skirt with lace panels, Eddie Rodriguez. Wide brown corset-style belt, Newport News. Leopard print wedges, Steven by Steve Madden. Metal and red enamel earrings, World Market. Brown sunglasses, Walmart.

This look is inspired by the May issue of Lucky: “a crisp white cotton shirt is a simple and unexpected counterpoint to an elegant, frilly skirt. To really play up your waist, add a wide leather belt.”

Unfortunately, my wide (p)leather belt broke while I was dressing myself this morning. I substituted a wide, elastic, corset-style belt and was horrified to find that I looked like a peasant girl. I tried to mitigate the costumey effect with leopard wedges. I still hated the outfit, though, because of this awful, bulgy belt. Guess I need to buy a new wide brown belt. I think I’ll spring for genuine leather next time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like the outfit but you're right. A different brown belt would've looked better.