Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No More Minis at Rehearsal

Turquoise cardigan with green stitching, Xhilaration. Green tee, Steve and Barry. Denim mini, American Standard Tyte (thrifted). Moccasins, American Eagle (via Payless). Four-leaf clover necklace, Okinawa PX.

This is not an Outfit (with a capital “O”), but just something I thought would be comfortable for rehearsal. I’ve journaled it here to remind myself to never wear a mini to rehearsal again because:

1. It is very cold in the cafeteria (where we practice). My legs were purple by the end of the evening.

2. When you sit in a mini, on stage, everyone can see your underwear. A strategically placed script helped the situation, but I’m pretty sure I flashed everyone when I took a spill during my tap routine.

3. Tight minis ride up. Usually, I wear this skirt with tights and the friction keeps everything in place. With bare legs, I spent the night tugging the mini back into place.

I looked, and felt, uncomfortable all evening.

1 comment:

Jamie and Tim said...

Oh you know you love letting everyone peak up your skirt... thank goodness you were wearing underwear...this time!! ;-)