Sunday, September 16, 2007

Striped Stomach

Black wrap sweater, Bloch. Striped tank, Mossimo. Black scarf, illicit souvenir from Fiddler on the Roof. Jeans and brown clogs, Gap. Brown purse, thrifted. Silver bird medallion necklace, Xhilaration.

I have two of these striped tanks from Target. They are so long that they could almost be worn as dresses. I’m never sure how to work them into an outfit. Topping them with another layer works, but horizontal stripes over one’s stomach and butt aren’t usually a good idea.

This photo is also a reminder to myself to wear less makeup. I wore only mascara and lipstick this weekend and loved how fresh it looked. (I usually wear every imaginable product, minus lip liner, every day.)


Londyn said...

Good thing you are so little! You can get away with the stripes! I like the layering

Anonymous said...

the stripes look cute underneath! that's probably the best way to wear horizontal stripes... has a pop of pattern, but still with the elongating V-neck to keep it all slim. oh, and if you feel like wearing less makeup but still looking dewy and put-together, u can always try a tinted moisturizer to even skin tone. I love neutrogena healthy skin enhancer for that...blends right in, plus has retinol and SPF too. everyone wonders how my "bare face" looks so beautifully clear and radiant at age 35!

Anonymous said...

Loving the clogs! Yummy!