Thursday, September 20, 2007

Strawberry Shortcake

White, cropped eyelet jacket, Forever 21. Pink cami, Deep Los Angeles. Khaki slacks, Moda International. Pink crescent earrings, Khaki slingbacks, Linea Paolo

Growing up with a name like “Kasmira,” I had to endure more than my fair share of nicknames. Either no one wants to spit out the three syllables or they want to call me something more fanciful (as if my given name isn’t unusual enough). My latest moniker is “Strawberry Shortcake,” due to (I assume) my small stature and red hair. Today, I’m dressing and smelling (in Petite Cherie, by Annick Goutal) the part.


Londyn said...

Oh I love this look. It's so sweet and feminine! The eyelet looks great with the shimmery silk cami.

Anonymous said...

Might be my favorite look.

The Budget Babe said...

strawberry shortcake was one of my childhood heroes, so take it as a compliment!

as an adult i prefer to eat the dessert...mmmm

your outfit is super sweet as well :)

ClosetCase said...

This looks amazing on you and REALLY elongates your figure - I LOVE!