Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Navy and white wrap dress, Merona. Coral blouse, Worthington. Brown linen blazer, Forever 21. Brown peeptoe pumps, Antonio Melani. Cinnabar earrings, Into the Fray. Gold watch, Raymond Weil.

I have been obsessed with navy, brown, and coral lately. In fact, I wore this same color combo a few weeks ago.

I purchased these earrings from Ambika’s Etsy shop (along with my corny bracelet). Perhaps it’s an offshoot of my current love of reddish orange, but I find myself hopelessly attracted to cinnabar jewelry.


Anonymous said...

You are amazing--I would never have thought to put together those colors, but they look terrific on you.

A question--what about vests? I mean real vests, like fitted suit vests, but with a front in tapestry, a pattern, or plain velvet. I have have half a dozen that I used to wear a lot years ago, but never now. They seem dated somehow, like Madonna in the age of Desperately Seeking Susan. What if I wore them in the traditional way--buttoned over a crisp blouse with tailored pants or skirts. I'm of a certain age with a fear of frumpy! Many thanks for your thoughts.

Kasmira said...

Plain vests are in this season. I've been searching high and low for one I like. I just ordered one from Target, but I have to return it for a smaller size. (I have a freakishly small ribcage.) I hope to have it back and wear it soon!

Kasmira said...

Oh - and see the latest edition of Lucky (with Keri Russell on the front). They have a whole article on different ways to wear vests (waistcoats).

Anonymous said...

i just recently purchased this really cute vest from jcrew (on sale even more in the store for 30 and also available in pine green, a vibrant green and the color i purchased not available online)

it's still sitting in the bag, waiting to be worn!!!

Anonymous said...

also, i love this ensemble! your earrings are gorg - don't you just love online shopping?!

Melody said...

Amibika has such beautiful jewelry. I need to make a mental note to do some X-mas shopping (and me shopping) at her Etsy site.

Love the short-sleeve over long combo. That's a great way to carry over some of my short-sleeve summer cardigans into winter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on ves--I mean, waistcoats. I'll take a look at Lucky and will pull out my own collection and play with them. Didn't some designer do a whole thing this fall with models dressed like they were in the midst of the French Revolution--maybe they wore waistcoats?
Thanks again, Kisabel