Thursday, November 29, 2007

Red Velvet Versatility

Red velvet jacket, Cami. Lace overlay cami, George. Embellished hem skirt, Newport News. Brown boots, Nine West. Amber pendant, Ali’s Boutique. Beaded necklaces, Body Central.

This jacket has proven to be fairly versatile. I’ve paired it with brown, black, and red with good results. I think my favorite combo was with the leopard tank and peep-toes (middle picture). But my favorite photo is the one I took laying on the floor in the hallway.

Click for a larger image

Which outfit is your favorite?
Open jacket with black
Tweedy skirt
Leopard accents
All red and on the floor
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Anonymous said...

Today's outfit is another winner! Great combinations.

Anonymous said...

That outfit looks amazing on you! Although the one with the leopard accents is a close second. That is definitely a versatile jacket for you.

Laura said...

I love today's version...well, I guess now it was a few days ago!

The Tailored Woman said...

Just gorgeous! I never would have paired red velvet with a brown skirt, but it is delicious.