Friday, May 23, 2008


Leather jacket, Wilson’s Leather. Vest, Old Navy. Dress, Jovovich Hawk for Target. Cowboy boots, Playhouse. Bag, Nine West. Earrings, Panagea.

We saw Indiana Jones 4 tonight! I dressed up as inspired by Miss Cedar’s Indiana Jones viewing outfit. I only regret I didn’t have a bullwhip or an Indie hat.


The Cocoa Goddess said...

Love this outfit - it's adorable! I like the idea of "dressing up" for a movie. It's an homage to the movie, without dressing up in over-the-top costumes and prosthetics, you know?

Meghann E said...

I love this outfit. I saw the movie yesterday (Saturday) afternoon but my outfit wasn't as cool as yours.

Cherish said...

I love it. You are so cute. I was telling my boyfriend about your idea and this outfit and he just gave me a blank stare. MEN! I just wore jeans and a flowy top.

Alexandra said...

Yay to movie-viewing outfits!
Of course, I have already planned my Sex& the City- viewing outfit for Friday!