Monday, May 12, 2008


Embroidered jacket, Charlotte Russe. Strapless dress, Gap (thrifted). Beads, Body Central. Peeptoe pumps, Antonio Melani. Headband, Charlotte Russe.

I know why this dress’ previous owner donated it to charity: it wrinkles when you so much as look at it. I ironed the dress with care after washing, but hours sitting at my desk made it look like a bag of trash. I absolutely detest being wrinkled and spent the day engaged in vain efforts to smooth my lap. I’ll try ironing it with starch and wearing it to a stand-up event before I give up and send it back to St. Vincent de Paul.

I promised Quarterlife Girl that I would post a tutorial on how I create the bouffant dome on top of my head and left her disappointed. It’s quite simple and there is no teasing required. I just pull all or part of my hair back and secure it with an elastic band. Then, I grip the elastic with one hand, and partially pull hair out with the other so that it bubbles on top. It looks silly with the first pull, but, as you tug more sections out to add to the bubble, it forms a nice shape. Never pull on the sides; that will loosen the fastener and you’ll lose the tension you need to keep the hair bubble upright. Add a headband or sunglasses to accentuate the bouffant effect. QL – I know I still owe you a proper “hair post.” I won’t forget! (I just need to enroll a photographer in the project.)

Today’s Mikey comment: he insisted that my headband looked like a purse strap. He thought I had removed a strap, tied a bow in it, and put it on my head. This concept must have really fascinated him because he mentioned it in the morning and then, over and over again, that evening.


Anonymous said...

That's a really cute jacket.

E said...

Ha! I've been trying to recreate your pretty bouffant hair for quite some time. It seems so easy now! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You're so good at dressing down dresses! I just never think of them as anything but evening wear - I need to get over that pronto!

Do you have any tips for this red halter dress I just ordered from Banana Republic?

I'm afraid the cut and color make it too risqué for work or day, but I may not be thinking out of the box.

Audi said...

How about putting a tulle slip over the skirt of the dress and hiding the waistband with a wide belt? That would hide the wrinkles and add some interest. By the way, I LOVE the jacket! *drool*

Anonymous said...

love this outfit. brown really goes with greyish turquoise! u've done it yet again!