Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Real Slim Shady

Silk-blend sweater, Moda International. Tank, Merona. Skirt, Side x Side (thrifted and altered by me). Patent belt, The Limited. Jewelry, Xhilaration. Purse, Target (via swap). Slingbacks, Linea Paolo.

One of the great things about my blog is that I have total editorial and creative control. I only picture what I want you to see and write what I want you to read. While I occasionally slip up and reveal a little more depth of feeling, what you usually see is a carefully edited and presented Kasmira. In actuality, the real Slim Shady* is on the right.

I’m a real classy broad; I drink Bud Light.

*I have no idea what that song is about, despite reading the lyrics online, but it seemed apropos.


KT said...

Love it!
Love Slim Shady, Love your blog, Love Bud Light.
Speaking of slipping up, I just spent an evening in Cinci at Hofbrauhaus where they do not serve Bud Light. Instead I drank a million ounces of German beer and then decided I could River Dance. In public. Fun place.
Anyway, I love today's outfit.

April said...

bud light? really? Anyway......

I LOVE this skirt! Girls my age wear their pants and skirts on their hips, but I personally like to see a waist! This outfit does kind of look a little "50's housewife" which I think is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Kasmira,I LOVE how your hair is styled in thess photos! Your face is framed really well. L

Elisabeth said...

Haha, great post - I love the "real" pic!

And your outfit today is lovely - I am actually wearing a red & blue combo today... SNAP! Haha!

Jessica said...

I love the red and blue.

And I must give you some major kudos on your picture taking. I've looked through numerous photos of people snapping pics of themselves in the mirror. It's annoying and destracting.

I'm curious, though.... I read your post about taking pics and having a tripod. My pics always turn out fuzzy though. Any thoughts?

Kasmira said...

jessi - I suspect one of two cuprits.

(1) The lighting. The more dimly lit your situation, the longer the shutter will remain open, increasing chances of blurriness. The fix here would be to increase the light level or hold really still.

(2) The autofocus (if you're using a timer). When you press the shutter button, your camera will focus on whatever is directly in front of it. Then (as the timer counts down), you step into the picture and if you're not at the same depth as that object, you appear out of focus. Taking your picture against a wall helps, because the wall isn't going to be so much further away than your body. If that isn't an option, try placing an object (like a chair) in your stead while you press the shutter button and then move it or stand just in front(or beside) it for your photo. This situation is why I prefer a remote!

I hope that helps identify (and solve) your problem!

Kaume'alani said...

I love this outfit. It looks retro and nautical at the same time. Retronautical. I wish I could alter stuff.

Anonymous said...

retronautical! so cute! yeah blue white and red get me thinking of sailors. i think u've worn red blue and white together before. with the same skirt if i'm not wrong. this is kinda cute...and i can see why it reminds april of a 50s housewife. cute =)


Anonymous said...

oh and i just clicked on your 'slip up' hyperlink and read what u said. i actually agree with the other readers that your face completes the whole outfit. seriously. if u blurred out your face, it wouldnt be as fun to check back every single day to see if u've updated it with new pictures.. so don't worry what people say abt age.. maybe you ARE growing old. but u're growing old the FUN way! so forget abt it and have fun! =)

angie~* said...

OK - so now I have two questions which I could not find on your site so far:
1. Where do you get a remote for a camera short of a pro model (maybe it is a pro model)
2. Where do you thrift so much neat stuff - All I find is yucky amber ashtray's and old/bad kitchen gadgets.

Keep it up - always a fun daily read!

Kasmira said... -
1. I ordered the remote online, from My current camera is a Nikon D40. My old Canon Powershot wasn't remote control compatible. :(
2. I go to a few stores - St. Vincent de Paul on Colerain, Village Thrift on Pippin, and Valley Thrift on Reading Road. Sometimes I also go to the Goodwill in Hyde Park/Madisonville.

Kasmira said...

angie~* - you'd think that I'd do the retronautical thing with this skirt more often, but I've only paired it with red (and khaki) once before:

The Cocoa Goddess said...

I really like this look on you - very well-suited. Love the little bag, love the full skirt and the tiny cardigan pairing. Curious about the neutral shoe-color pairing but I suppose it's so the attention is on the outfit and not focused on the feet. I'm scared of neutral-colored shoes myself, although I did finally buy a pair of tan, peep-toe high-heeled wedges that basically blend in with my skin color. Haven't worn them yet but summer is here (I hope) so it would be unfair to the shoes if they don't eventually make their way the box!

Kasmira said...

cocoa goddess - I was inclined to wear red shoes, but I'm experimenting with being a little less matchy with my outfits.

kct said...

Just wanted to say that once again, you look very retro `60's housewife in a pretty and sexy way!