Friday, June 13, 2008

The Happening

Dress, Candie’s (borrowed from Londyn). Jacket, London Jean. Cowboy boots, Playhouse.

We went to see The Happening tonight. I really enjoyed it – but I’m enthralled by anything the least bit apocalyptic. I especially liked the ominous ending. I took this picture before the movie. Post-show, it’s a little creepy; if the Happening were happening as I took the photo, I wouldn’t be around to write this.

The following pictures have nothing to do with The Happening. I just “happened” to be in a funny mood and the wacky poses show off the dress and boots nicely.


Anonymous said...

That dress is fantastic! I think it is great that you and Londyn swap and share clothes.

Unknown said...

Love the dress, those colors look wonderful on you.

I saw the Happening this weekend, I love me some Shyamalan.

Anonymous said...

I need to find a little jacket like that. I love it everytime you wear it.

I saw the Happening as well. What did you think? I too share a love for apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic tales. I liked it overall, though I had issues with a lot of it really. (But I'm a cheap thrill!) Hubby didn't care for it though.