Thursday, October 16, 2008

Most Interesting of Year Two

Flickr tells me which of my photos are most interesting, based on a complicated algorithm that factors in “favorites,” views, and comments. These were my 10 most interesting outfits of Year 2. (I screened out the three outfits that made it into the interesting category simply because I had the word “schoolgirl” in the title. Perverts!)

Flight Attendant, 10/22/07. There was lots of love for the scarf and skirt from my flickr friends. In fact, you’ll see the skirt once more in this lineup. It seems to have inspired some of my best outfits.

Man Tie, 11/12/07. Here’s that skirt again! The tie started a bit of a gender debate. The crossdressers (I have a strong transvestite following on flickr), noted how much more acceptable it is for a woman to dress like a man than vice versa. (More on the transvestites: I’ve actually received mail and comments asking if I am actually a man. No, I’m not. The military made sure of that before they let me in. Seriously, they take a peek at everyone’s private bits as a part of the screening process.)

Chicago Day 1, 11/15/07. The jacket and the hat were hits!

Chicago Day 2, 11/16/07. I guess this was a stylish trip (and month)! Perhaps fishnets weren’t the most appropriate legwear for an interviewing trip, but I didn’t receive any counseling for wearing them. I’m looking forward to trying new combinations with the dress this fall and winter.

New Booty Skirt, 1/3/08. I get a fair number of hits each week from people searching “booty skirt.” I hope I don’t leave them disappointed! This skirt replaced my old booty skirt. Every girl needs one!

Indian Skirt Again, 11/27/07. This was my most successful outfit featuring the troublesome Indian wrap skirt.

Abby and Tony’s Wedding, 4/19/08. This was a special occasion dress; I bought it specifically to attend my friends’ wedding. Because I’m thrifty, I’ve since made it work for the office as well.

Interview Navy, 1/8/08. I wore this outfit as a part of Navy Week in January. I did a regular theme weeks for awhile. There was navy week, green week, "touch of sun" week, and Big Belts and Brights week. I need to bring theme week back to WIW2D!

New Shoes, 12/17/07. This is just a cheapo swing jacket from the junior section of Wal*Mart, but I love it and my flickr friends did too! Because it’s super warm, I’m still waiting for things to cool off enough for me to break it out again.

Military Chic, 1/16/08. Please don’t take this as excessive vanity, but a perfect stranger stopped in her tracks and just gushed about my outfit when she spotted me wearing this in the cafeteria last January. I was so embarrassed that I forgot to grab my tea dope (cream and Splenda) before I hightailed it back to my desk. IRL, compliments make me horribly uncomfortable.

Evidently, I haven’t worn anything interesting since April. (Damn you, flickr!)

Next up, I’ll tell you what outfits my blog readers found most “interesting.” Unfortunately, I’ll have to do that complex math myself, so it might take awhile.


Kim said...

I've gushed before how you've inspired me to dress better, blah blah and it continues to be true. However. You make me feel a little wimpy. There you are, wearing skirts all winter long up there in the frozen north, while I'm not sure if I can make myself do that even in these bland SC winters. We get snow MAYBE once a year. Do you ever get cold leggys on your way to or from work? Are you just that devoted to fashion that you're willing to suffer a little? Am I just the biggest wuss in the world? These questions plague me.

Kasmira said...

When it is REALLY cold, I pair my skirts with:

1. A pair of polyester fleece pants
2. Thick socks
3. Rubber galoshes

for the walk to and from the bus stop. I find it's actually easier to dress warmly when I'm wearing skirts because the extra layers are easy to slip on and off. It's WAY harder getting those fleece pants on over trousers. :)

Milly said...

These outfits are how you mix your colors

Katy said...

I like all of them, but especially "new shoes". That jacket was a big hit with me as well!

Mimi said...

any chance we could see the " Bus Look" ?
I am looking for new rain boots and would love to see yours-- are they a crazy pattern ?

Sheila said...

I love the jacket and hat/gloves look - so chic.

I walk to and from work every day - in fall/winter/spring a snowboard jacket and nylon pants, with all my clothes and jewelry in a big backpack (along with lunch). So NOT fashionable! Ya got to do what ya got to do. Warmth and dryness are big things!

Sheila said...

Those are all terrific looks! I love seeing your fun outfits since I'm a SAHM and don't get to dress up very often.

Kasmira said...

Mimi - you're in luck. I'm planning a photoshoot of the "bus look" this weekend. And I've got a shot of my new rainboots in the next post.

Ultrapinque said...

Your outfits are wonderful, and love how you mix-n-match everything . . . esp. how you repurposed your Marines dress skirt -- I, too, was in the Air Force but the navy blue skirts we had were icky since I don't like blue . . . so I gave away my military issue handbags, skirts, patent leather pumps, etc. and they were a huge hit among my friends -- it's neat you could work your military service so cutely into your civilian fashions!!

ps had to laugh about people wondering if you were a male -- some people can't see the obvious if it bit them on the patootie!