Friday, November 14, 2008

Cowboy Style

Scarf, Camp Foster “mall,” embellished by me. Sweater, American Rag. Denim trousers, Express. Shoes, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Ring, Rafia & Boss. Bag, Apt 9.

It’s taken me awhile to get on board with the “cowboy style” scarves so many celebs are currently sporting. To get the look, take a large square scarf, fold it in half, diagonally, and drape it around your neck like a giant bib. The ends can be tied in back, wrapped around and left to hang in front or wrapped around and tied in front. I like the look with lightweight, exotic print scarves, but I’m not so sure about the result with any other type of material:

I added buttons and tassels to this scarf to imitate the look of a scarf I saw on Anthropologie’s website. The materials cost only $5. I love the swing of the tassels when I move and the way the extra weight has altered the scarf’s drape.

Other than the cowboy look, and one wearing as a belt, I haven’t had much success styling the large square scarf. How do you wear it?


Kayleigh said...

This is probably my fave one so far. And I think your embellishments are what really make the scarf work tied that way in particular -- bravo! I really need to try experimenting with some of these ideas....I think it's a time honored way of adding variety & interest to a wardrobe. Thank you SO much for inspiring me!!!

Anonymous said...

ive never done this myself, as scarves are often a bit too "much" on me...but with a very large scarf, try folding it in half diagonally, draping it over your shoulder (with the "point" pointed away from your head) and then adding a belt to the outfit, so the free ends of the scarf are secured under the belt...(something like this, but i suspect it would look much more stylish on you!
also, ive seen people wear them similar to your cowboy style, but turned to that the "point" drapes over th shoulder, instead of in front...
either way, youre done very well with your scarves!

Toni said...

hey kasmira!
i loved this whole week with the scarves. i'll be trying some of those styles out. :)

also i wanted to let you know that i have given you the Kreativ Blogger Award! you can check my last post for details. :)

danysedai said...

the tassels look great with the scarf
for big silk carves, you can try the Hermes website, and download the scarf cards "Playtime with your scarf", or in the, in the Hermes subforum, ladies post their scarf looks everyday, you can even use them as a top in the summer, worth a look!

Unknown said...

Fellow scarf-lover here, who has spent many a morning in front of the mirror wrestling with a large square scarf. I have recently "invented" (maybe? never seen anyone else wear one this way, that's for sure!) a method that I've used recently on no fewer than 3 large scarves.

Fold scarf in half diagonally and lay over your shoulders, "shawl fashion" (with the longest edge along your shoulders, ends coming over your shoulders). Then take those two ends back under each arm (over left, under left; over right, under right) and tie behind your back. This turns your scarf into something more like a shrug, and still lets you show off a great print/colors with the full triangle in the back.

Hope you find some success in this method!