Saturday, August 29, 2009

Urban Cowgirl

In the 80’s, my dad wore a fanny pack. He called it a “waist bag,” which always translated to “waste bag” in my head and I imagined it full of trash and worse. Whatever the name, a pouch buckled around one’s middle was so uncool – even more so if your dad wore one.

Twenty years later, the hands-free nature of a hip bag has new appeal. Of course, it needs to be made of leather, not nylon, and have a more structured shape than the saggy fanny pack. This updated version has a sort of urban cowgirl vibe.

Blouse, Urban Renewal. Dress, Giorgio Fiorlani (thrifted). Boots, Playhouse. Hip bag, Happy Cow. Owl earrings, self made.

No waste around my waist!


gina said...

Great outfit! I love those boots. Does your lipstick match the pink of the dress?? Fun!

Sheila said...

If I had a waist bag like that, I would probably wear it out shopping.

I really like that ruffled blouse - very cute on you.

We called them bum bags in the 80s. I am guilty of owning one - I used it when I did the marathon or if I'm doing a really long walk and don't have a jacket with pockets on. Guilty!

Lorena said...

I love the bag -- when I began to read the post I thought it would be one of those black nylon ones - I hate those! (even though they are so convenient)
When I see them "fanny packs" it makes one look tourist-like, wrinkles your clothes AND makes that part of your body sweat like crazy!
But, this bag is another story... :o)

vic said...

I love the bag! I never in a million years would have thought I would like anything remotely close to a 'fanny pack' but this is so chic and different! Nice post!

jennifer said...

I LOVE the bag! It reminds me of the one Fiona wears on Burn Notice. I've actually been looking for one - where did you get it?

Kasmira said...

jennifer - I bought the bag via etsy, but you can also buy it directly from the Happy Cow website: