Saturday, May 15, 2010

Savings Summit

As you can imagine, I had a lot of anxiety around what to wear for the Locals On Living Savings Summit. I was one of two presenters at the Heels and Steals session, talking about how to get more out of your wardrobe for little or no money.

I decided on my faux Missoni dress because it is an old favorite and my band sweater because it is a new favorite. I chose owl earrings because they have become my signature animal. I wore a Mickey Mouse watch and carnival glass ring for the Beefy Muchacho.

Beefy questioned my choice of neutral shoes, because I’m known for my brightly colored footwear. However, comfort and functionality were the footwear priorities of the day. I compensated with a brightly colored purse.

Sweater, The Limited. Dress, Lipstick. Slingbacks, Linea Paolo. Earrings, self-made. Watch, Disney. Ring, vintage. Bag, Nicole Lee.

If you weren’t able to attend the summit, you can catch up on the details, at Cincinnati.Com’s blog coverage of the event. Scroll down to the Heels and Steals entry to watch a brief video summary of our session and to download the presentations.


Branka said...

Hey Kasmira. So i hardly ever post comments but i just watched the summit event and i had to thank you, i enjoyed it very much. It's really cool that it was taped so that the rest of us can watch. Well done it was a lot of fun, and ur sooo adorable.
xoxo from Europe

Della Street Dreaming said...

Hi Kasmira. Congratulations on a great presentation - I thought it was really well done! I must see if I can find some way to swap stuff - the flickr group you mentioned wouldn't really work for me because of being so far away.
You look really fantastic by the way
Sue Middleagedteacher

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed the Summit!!! Was having a terribly painful day (arthritis sucks). I bet you did great! Is the summit taped ? If so, Is it on the internet ? Was looking forward to meeting ya! (in person) Thanks, RR

Unknown said...

Duh! Never mind!!! Found it :)