Thursday, June 17, 2010

Business Traveler

I did some rare business travel this week. It doesn’t matter where, since I almost never left the hotel and dressed only for a dry, constant 67 degrees.


Suit, Moda International. Blouse, Mushka by Sienna Rose. Brooch, self-made. Shoes, Linea Paolo.

There was some confusion on what to wear on the first day. I erred on the formal side. I’ve been mistaken for a hotel employee in this suit in the past, so I tried to break up the conservative look with a colorful blouse, quirky brooch, and khaki slingbacks.


Bolero, Express (swap). Dress, Ann Taylor Loft. Shoes, Two Lips. Necklace, Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Ah….that’s more like it. I feel more like myself in this ensemble. A dress, contrasting colors, pattern mix, and funky shoes are my signature.


Jacket, Charlotte Russe (overdyed). Dress, London Times (hand-me-down and shortened). Necklace, World Market. Shoes, Linea Paolo. Purse, Caprice (thrifted and vintage).

By this point, I’m pretty tired. I’m also tired of the gorilla pod and no remote. (I’m using the camera’s self-timer with so-so results.)

For a casual dinner Wednesday evening, I briefly considered the ensemble below right, but instead just repeated Sunday’s outfit.


Sweater, I Heart Ronson. Dress, Ann Taylor Loft. Brooch, my grandmother. Shoes, Two Lips.

I only had a few hours of meetings before flying back home. To travel, I swapped out the brooch for a belt and pulled on my trusty cowboy boots.

So glad to come home to kittens and the Muchacho!


Breezer said...

I love the Ann Taylor dress.

Welcome home!!

Franca said...

You looked stylish all the way! Tuesday is my fave, but I love the brooch on Monday!

You should come and enter my 500th post giveaway by the way!

Lili Cheveux de Feu said...

I just LOVE this sweater. Very very beautiful with a green dress and also with the other one in the observatory.
You are incredible!

Kisses from Brasil! ;)

Nara B. said...

Hi Kasmira! loved that're right, mixing color and patterns are your signature and we love it!

Cyan said...

I absolutely ADORE that suit. The and accessories really make it pop! I work in a bank, and I would SO wear that!

Sheila said...

Welcome back! I'm a sucker for a suit and this one fits you like a glove! Such a different look for you, but you look very elegant and businesslike.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Welcome back. Great looks - business appropriate but still stylish. So interesting to see you in a suit (nice touches to add some personality).

Unknown said...

Seriously. Those purple shoes. I want.

kramire said...

Hello dear one - I have been following your blog and loving your look for years! You are so great. Seeing you in a suit, prompted a question (or several): what is the rule on sleeve lengths for suits? Are you supposed to hem them if they are too long? What is too long?

Kasmira said...

kramire - I am NO expert on suit sleeve lengths! But I think women can get away with more length variation than men. We just call it "fashion."