Friday, October 01, 2010

September Purchases

I didn’t buy a red pencil skirt this month. I found one at Black House White Market, but the quality seemed low for the price. Talbot’s carries a red pencil skirt, but, for $109, I want to be able to try it on first. (The skirts weren’t in stock when I visited the Rookwood location.) I’ll keep looking. In the meantime, here’s what I bought this month:

St Vincent de Paul
1. Levi's jeans, $2.50
2. Old Navy jeans, $2.50
3. Vintage tie-neck blouse, $2.25
4. Vintage collared blouse, $2.25
5. Sequin dress, $5.00
6. Velvet vest, $2.25

A conversation with a friend about bed bugs got me paranoid about bringing the critters home in thrifted clothes. I washed everything I could in hot water and the sequin dress and velvet vest are chilling in my freezer. Still, I felt itchy for days following my thrifting excursion. Mental bed bugs, I guess.

7. Dress, $9.98

4th Street Boutique
8. Banana Republic dress, $12.00
9. Scarf, $6.00

Serket Jewelry
10. Bracelet, $18

Total: $62.73


Gloria said...

OMG. I never even considered this before about the bed bugs from thrifted clothes. You are totally correct - that would be a perfect place for them to hang out. Ugh! I love thrifting, too! I think a new thrifting rule is that all clothes go straight from the thrift store to the cleaners before they ever enter the house! Eek!

Lorena said...

How detailed...
WOW, I post at the end of the month about the stuff that is LEAVING my closet but have never thought of posting about those that are just coming in..
well maybe next year.

In Kinsey's Closet said...

I just went on a big thrifting binge and now I'm worried too! I guess that is a good reminder for all of us :0) I'm so impressed by your thrifty finds and how you can buy so much and stay within you $100 budget!

Cassandra said...

Olá, adorei seu looks... your vestido lilás é lindo!

Hello, I love your looks ... your lilac dress is gorgeous!

Rosie Unknown said...

Love the purple dress!

I feel I should point out that while it is smart to be careful and wash everything carefully, we should apply this to everything, not just thrift store stuff, as "traditional" stores have been reporting bed bug infestations too.

Heaven Sown said...

I bought the same purple dress! ...and am very interested to see what you do with it to make is more seasonal!!! :) Do share!