Friday, October 15, 2010

Play On

I thought this dress was played out. I hadn’t worn it in over 18 months. I’d go to my closet and my fingers would automatically skip over the hanger holding the “trench”dress. Now that it is back in rotation, I can think of at least half a dozen combinations featuring this piece.

Dress, Forever 21 (thrifted and dyed). Peggings, Forever 21. Jacket, American Eagle. Scarf, import store (embellished). Belt, Gap. Booties, Madden Girl. Bag, Payless.

I like this dress best worn over another dress or pants/leggings. On its own, it seems too immodest.


Angie said...

Hi!Kasmira.This dress is so versatile when worn over something else!BTW I also thought your name was of Indian origin.

MUA said...

ouh I love it over the pink dress ! I never think about layering, I should start right away ...Thanks for the inspiration.

Caro xxx

DaShannon said...

Oh! Once again taunting me with the unfindable, unavailable, untraceable shabooties! I've tried to make do with others but alas none are as cute as these~

Trish is a Dish said...

Oh goodness CUTE!
I love all the combos... however I must say it layered with teh gingham dress... my FAV

The Adams Family said...

Love this look ... too cute.