Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Horror

We made last minute plans to attend the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Esquire. I didn’t have the right pieces to dress as a character from the show, so I just dressed sort of sexy and sci-fi instead.

Coat, vintage. Dress, American Apparel. Tights, We Love Colors. Boots, Rampage.

In the end, warmth totally trumped sexy and sci-fi. I stayed wrapped up in my coat all evening.


Ady Grafovna said...

Your costume is cute. It looks wearable outside of Halloween. :)

Angie ( said...

I think you look positively fabulous!

Anonymous said...

hey! is his the first time we've seen the dress sans anything else over it?!!!?? CUTE!

Notrek said...

Fantastic dress - pity to cover it with jacket. Lets see more turtlenecks for cooler months - always look great with boots and tights.