Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pay No Attention

Today, I’m wearing this dress for the third and fourth outfit of my trip.

One and Two

Jacket, Charlotte Russe (overdyed). Dress, I Heart Ronson. Brooch, Beaded Garden. Shoes, Lipstick.

No one seemed to notice that I was wearing this dress over and over. They were too mesmerized by my footwear.


Trench dress, Forever 21 (thrifted and overdyed). Dress, I Heart Ronson. Boots, Dan Post. Belt, thrifted.

(Don’t worry, Sarah R, Howl at the Moon was adequately air conditioned for boots!)


Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the layering in your fourth outfit - and it's a great colour for your overdyed dress.

Unknown said...

Oh, Kasmira !
Looking fab as usual :)
Seems like forever since I've popped by (sorry :)
Been busy updating my "baby" and so forth .......
I too am , and have been since selling mattresses at Sears, having bed-bug paranoya (misspelled),
The are rampant in Cincy for sure!
We are afraid to visit our friends in condos, etc.......
Hope Florida is still sunny and warm, a freezer here ......
Thanks for the frezzer tip, by the way, I need to buy a giant one and put it in the garage ;)
I can live w/o icecream, but not my thrifties :)
I bought the same black velvet floral skirt you have, too!
I am gonna wear it long, then cut it, and make kimono - wrap belts out of the rest.
Let's go thrifting sometime :)

Sarah R said...

Oh good! I know it's nasty hot down here.