Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jump Break

Due to the weather, I worked from home today in an oversized sweater and leggings. I did step away from the computer long enough to take a jump break, though:

I could have worked in my pajamas, but dressing in “real” clothes helps me focus.

Sweater, Nordstrom Rack. Jersey cardigan, Old Navy. Tank, No Boundaries. Peggings, Deb. Boots, Matisse. Scarf, thrifted.

P.S. Is it possible that the cats are being this cute every day while I'm at work? If so...I may need to work from my home office all the time.


FENNOfashion said...

Super cute & comfy looking outfit...
If only I could gather up the motivation to actually fix my hair & put makeup on each and every morning!
And your cats probably are that cute everyday, I know mine is :)

Unknown said...

How cute are they !!!!
i bet they do that all the time and even have parties with that stinky cheese and wine while you're away ;)
OK, You are the whisperer!
( i too get so much more done when i get dressed, I feel more "productive" even if it's a sweater/dress with leggings. ( my photos are from the day or so before ;)
I did pop my head out when a guy knocked on the door at 8 am to see if we wanted our trees trimmed !
( i guess they were hanging kinda low .......)
Surely he knows we wait for them to hit the roof, then get State Farm to pay ;)
You look like you are having so much fun !!!


Unknown said...

You don't have to publish this, but what the heck?
Is it "pick on Kasmira week ???"

Get a life ( the pick-on-er's).....
If they had one they might not be so hyper-aware of your 'moods'?
Loves ya!

Anonymous said...

I think you are liking those boots now!-Debbie (Cincinnati)

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I love these pictures. The addition of the red scarf (especially against the snow) is really wonderful here.

Yuri said...

heyy.. the snow is perfect for your photo background and i really love everything about the sweater :)

And those cats are friggin cute! I can't see it clearly but are there 3 cats in the photo?


BrusselsSprout_Katharine said...

Magnificent weather. Your cats are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about wearing 'real clothes' instead of slouchy ones to work in (she says, writing an essay in leggings and a Rugrats tshirt).

LOVE the first picture, fantastically energetic!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

This picture is my favorite so far on your blog even though it is a casual home day...I love the joy it speaks...the colors are my favorite...and I love winter and wish we had more of it...these are beautiful!!

Kasmira said...

TigerLily - there are 2 cats in the first photo (Walt and Roy) and 3 in the second. (Sammy joined the "cat nest.")

SAHSHA said...

I say this with utmost seriousness. NEVER forsake a pajama day. They are the best days of your life. I think if I had just a closet of pajamas I'd be so happy!
-Sahsha's Mummy..

Donna said...

Love the outfit, love the pictures, especially the first one! Such cute bitty-kitties...it's a cat's job to be cute you know.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't snow make outfit photos so fabulous? I adore that bright scarf in this dark mix.

Unknown said...

I agree getting dressed for real definitely helps with one's level of productivity!

My kitty is cute all time except when he's being a jerk :/

Vanessa said...

That first photo of you leaping is just so dynamic! I love the splash of red in your scarf and your hair against all that white background! Awesome photos!

Anonymous said...

great pics! i love your sweater. I know what you mean about wearing "real" clothes to be productive.
the cats are adorable! my cats hate each other so they won't ever be that cute together.

The Tote Trove said...

I agree that getting dressed puts a whole new slant on your day. I dressed for work this morning, then called out due to the treacherously icy roads, and decided to remain dressed (for most of) the day. I felt so much more like a person and got loads done :)

Unknown said...

Is it hard to do the jump thng and take the photo? I can see my photos now--one of me jumping, one of me falling, then one of me on crutches! Expecially in the snow!
Love those boots! Paula

Anonymous said...

Love the splash of red...and the "jump break". I think everybody could use a bit of both!

Kasmira said...

fashionoverfifty - I've got the timing down on jumps with the remote and tripod. After pressing the remote, the camera beeps for 10 seconds and then takes the picture, so I have plenty of time to set up and jump without hurting myself. :)

The lead photo was the 4th or 5th attempt at this particular pose. It came out just right!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the Jump Break pic. Great outfit, lovely subject, awesome background. Definitely photo contest worthy.
:D ~Northwest Exposed