Monday, February 14, 2011

My Purrfect Valentine: Beefy

I’m taking a Valentine spin on this week’s Wardrobe Capsule Challenge. I’ve got a week’s worth of red and pink outfits (with a dose of leopard) lined up. And I’ll profile one of my (five!) Valentines each day.

Capsule items (4 of 10):
Cardigan, Moda International. Blouse, Charlotte Russe. Skirt, Mossimo. Shoes, Steven by Steve Madden.

Accessories (2 of 5):
Locket, Victoria’s Secret. Bag, Apt 9.

“Free” items:
Tights, We Love Colors

My #1 Valentine:

5 things I love about Beefy…
He is sentimental
He takes my picture
He loves cats
He supports me
He is passionate

Photos by my favorite Valentine


Megan G said...

Insanely cute pendant. Happy Vday~

Teodora said...

This is such a classy outfit. Don't you love the warmer weather?

Anonymous said...

He is a cutie!

erma-- tx

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

I look forward to your capsule outfits. I'm doing it again this year and have also picked a kind of valentiney + animal print theme. So yay for us!

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Owwww sweet. Can't wait to see the week with splashes of leopard!

My Heart Blogged said...

I love the top it is so pretty. The five things you love about beefy sound a lot like what I love about my boyfriend. We have two cats together, and they are the other loves of my life.
My Heart Blogged

laniza said...

Aww! How sweet! I also have some leopard in my capsule. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of your outfits :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE everything about this outfit!

My Leather Jacket

Rini said...

You can't go wrong with men who love cats, now can't you? :))))

Love your outfit, especially the way you combined he white lacy skirt! :)

WendyB said...

You can't beat the red and leopard combo! One of my favorites.

lul said...

That's such a cute idea! You look lovely :)

Fabienne Jach said...

Such sweetness! Love your outfit, too. That color palette along with the simple solid against lace and ruffles, totally delicious!

kate maggie said...

You look so darling! I love that lace skirt, so pretty. And how cute is your '5 things' list. Made me smile!! Have a great rest of your week! xo

Sheila said...

What a lovely idea, Kasmira! Great themed capsule as well!

Londyn said...

awww... so sweet (the look and the post)