Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sweaty Sunday - 7 miles

I had to cut today’s run short. I was scheduled to run 13.1, but stopped after seven miles. A tendon in my right ankle has been achy since my 20 mile run and flared up again today. I decided it was best to give it a break (especially considering I had a matinee performance this afternoon).

Once the dancing started, I was glad I had stopped the run early. Still, hopping and skipping on my right leg was not fun during the show. I sucked it up, though, for our final performance of Annie Get Your Gun.

The mileage shortage shouldn’t affect my preparation for the marathon. After the 20-miler, one of my coaches told me, “You’re trained!” Now I just have to take care of myself for the final two weeks.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


My Heart Blogged said...

Sorry about your foot. I hope it feels better. Congrats on finishing up your play!
My Heart Blogged

Megan G said...

Yowch take it easy on that ankle!

Anonymous said...

Be really careful with that tendon. I ran a marathon in 2007 and had some twinges along the way - I ended up being sidelined with injury for 6 months after. Ice that tendon up to 3x per day every day between now and the race.

C said...

after age 40, tendons get all dry and creaky and take A LONG TIME TO HEAL. wrap it and ice it and all that stuff. Also, tedonitis has no real symptoms except pain. No swelling; no discoloration. No one will think that you have any injury, but you will have weakness and pain. :(

Sheila said...

Yes, you should definitely taper off your training now to let your body recover a bit. The muscles will remember, don't worry! When I did the marathon, I actually did not do any of my long routes for a full week beforehand.

And my personal best on a 10K (1:07) came 6 weeks after I'd had surgery! I've never been able to get close to it again!

I enjoy your training posts. :) It's nice to see that athletic side of you.