Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Purchases

I only waited until April 3rd to go to Target and spend my month’s budget.


1. Mossimo crossbody bag, $23.99
2. Mossimo dress, $17.99
3. Target for Tucker dress, $39.99
4. Leather cuff, $14.99

St. Vincent de Paul

My allowance was gone after the Target spree, but I’m always able to justify spending just a little more at the thrift store.

5. Eddie Bauer dress, $2.24
6. I.N.C. floral skirt, $4.49
7. Leslie Faye skirt, $0.99
8. Express lace vest, $3.37
9. Life Strides sandals (not pictured), $4.00

April total: $112.05

Total spending for the year: $403.97

Frye boots fund: -$3.97. Not looking good.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You did good...great shopping!!!!

Hope you can stop by my site today, I am sharing a story I think you will enjoy!!

Sarah said...

I think my favourites of your haul are the thrifted Eddie Bauer dress, very classy! and the thrifted floral skirt. I guess I also like them best because your are not as likely to bump into anyone wearing your outfit.

Unknown said...

I too blew my wad very early, as in the first week of April.
I think I was planning on having wads of cash from my shop ;)
Tee, Hee!
Now we are getting very tired of ramen noodles :)

Katherine said...

Gorgeous...all of them! I love how you use color so well :) Just followed your blog!