Saturday, April 09, 2011


Every time I wear this cardigan, I style it very similarly. I usually pair it with a neutral bottom and a top that echoes a color in the yarn.

Sweater, Takeout. Tee, Forever 21. Skirt, No Boundaries (thrifted). Boots, Matisse. Earrings, Monica D. Bag and leggings, Mossimo.

Out of all these permutations, which outfit do you like best?

My favorite styling of this sweater is...
Think Spring
PUYV: Stone and Gray "All Out"
In Search of Blue Booties
Dollhouse Denim
Flying to WA free polls


Anonymous said...

The colors in that cardigan are basically my favorites. All of 'em.

And I like this outfit iteration best, I think. So fun with the graphic tee.

Meghan Edge said...

I really love this outfit- especially the tee shirt, and the tee shirt and the sweater together. VERY adorable.

STAshworth said...

I like it with the pink tights best.

Megan G said...

My favorite is the yellow tee and cowboy boots.

Carol in Indian Springs Village said...

Your kitties look so well behaved! Do you just have the 3? They seem to love your sunroom!

Mel.J said...

I love it with the yellow top too (I voted for the Spring outfit with the floral tights but it was a close call).

Kasmira said...

I have four cats. Don't be fooled...they are little monsters!

Unknown said...

oooh, kasmira, the Goodwill on North Bend usually has black leather mini's for 10 bucks, but they are usually a size 8.
My kcik-@ss leather pants (8) are too tight as i have gained weight, but i will not give up on them !

Leslie aka "MissusSmartyPants" said...

Love the fun tee you put w/ the multi-color cardigan ....excellent choice! You always have fun colorful outfits that make me SMILE!