Thursday, April 28, 2011

Midi Scarf Skirt

I’ve also caught the accordion-pleated, midi-skirt bug. Unfortunately, I failed to find such a skirt while thrifting last week. I contented myself with this (non-pleated) midi skirt for 99 cents.

Jacket, Allen B. Skirt, Leslie Faye (thrifted). Necklace, made from thrifted arrowhead pendants and a tassel from Epcot Morocco. Watch, Vivani (gift). Shoes, Nine West. Bag, Vieta.

I love how the pattern creates the appearance of two large, square (and loud) scarves, sewn together. (With perhaps an oblong scarf in the same pattern sewn around the hem.) You can’t shorten a skirt like this without destroying the effect, so I’m trying out the midi-length.

Sheila, I’m not wearing my new-to-me skirt in Iceland or Hawaii. I’m in this city:

I was living south of here when one of the local mountains blew its top a few decades ago.


raven said...

If you did decide you wanted that skirt shorter, you could take it up at the waist, and maintain the pieced scarf look.

Tamia said...

Love the colors! I've decided that mid-calf length skirts are the epitome of ladylike. Well, at least they are this season.


Anonymous said...

your in seattle! Hi Mira!

Anonymous said...

omigosh are you in Seattle?

My Heart Blogged said...

The print on your skirt is really beautiful.
My Heart Blogged

Anonymous said...

That city's one of my personal favorites too.

You might be able to cut the skirt off at the bottom of the black side stripe & add a black bottom border. Then you could use the strip you cut off to make into a scarf or belt.


Debbie Baker Burns said...

I love the bright print and colors of the skirt with the graphic white/black stripes of the top. 99 cents! That was some great thrifting.

The French Waffle said...

Seattle! Home!

Unknown said...

That skirt is amaaaazing!
This is a prime example of my Chop-O-Phobia, the "midi" is back!
Now what would I have done with all those minis?

(This skirt would be awesome chopped, however.............
cut above knee,allow for seam width, then turn the material down to run some elastic....)
then the bottom would be the primary focus!
And if you wanted the wide black band, stitch over top of the elastic waist,or use that stitch-witch sticky iron on stuff to glue it back on!

Oh well, you get my drift........
Kick-ass skirt ;)

Sheila said...

Ah! You were in my neck of the woods! If I'd known, I would have waved when I was out on the water in my race on Sunday. :)

I love the midi length, and this is a great skirt. I do find that it pretty much requires a heel and a slim-fitting top to keep one from looking overwhelmed.