Friday, June 10, 2011

See Rock City

Despite Rock City’s aggressive advertising, I never would have known of it if I hadn’t read Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse.

Dress, Mossimo. Bag, Charming Charlie. Boots, Dan Post. Earrings, Monica D. Bangles, The Bead Factory and Claire's.

I’ve been an apocalyptic fiction fan since reading The Girl Who Owned a City in 6th grade. Since then, I’ve read nearly every book and short story in the genre. I read Go-Go Girls a couple of years ago and assumed that the final battle, set in Rock City, took place in a fictional place. The incline railway, the gnomes, and the mountaintop gardens seemed too surreal. Once I learned that it was surreal and real, I had to visit.

Top of the incline:

And rock city:

We also went to Ruby Falls, but cave pictures don’t turn out so well.

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


Megan G said...

It is such an awesome and surreal place. One thing I did love about growing up in the Tennessee area is vacationing to Rocky City/Ruby Falls. Hope you guys had a great time.

Allison said...

OMG! I read "The Girl Who Owned a City" in 6th grade too, and it totally turned me on to similar books.
I like your dress. I wish I had bought it when it was in my local target.

Jude said...

Oh my gosh this brings me back to those family vacations from yesteryear! Memories of Fat Man's Squeeze, and the "See Seven States," view thingies are near and dear. You made me smile today, thanks. : )

Stacy aka Stacybeads said...

Best fashion blog photo with a gnome, ever. :) Looks like you're having a fun trip.

Melissa said...

Love, love, love this dress!

The trip sounds like a ton of fun! How neat to find out that it's a real place you can visit. That's how I felt about Harry Potter at Universal. Not quite the same thing, I know. But still. :)

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Victoria said...

Love your cowboy boots pairing with a pretty dress. We live close to Rock city and Ruby fall... We always took out of town visitors there.