Thursday, December 22, 2011

Out With a Bang

For my last work outfit of 2011, I figured I might as well go out with a bang: denim, wide legs, stripes + animal, black combined with brown, and huge shoulder embellishment.

Striped sweater, H&M. Animal-print sweater, Joseph A. Jeans, Express. Shoes, Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Earrings, Urban Outfitters. Ring, Raffia & Bossa. Bag, fake D&G (thrifted). Tassels, Epcot Morocco.

When your shoulders are this bangin,’ a coat is pretty much impossible. I went with a vest, scarf, and gloves, instead.

I plan to do almost nothing but sleep, run, swim, read, watch movies, and drink gin until next year. I’ve already started.

I had to leave the remaining lemon out of the picture. It's a little worse for wear, after multiple G&Ts.


Anonymous said...

I like very much your outfit!.

And I like very much your hair bun!. It's very pretty and elegant!.

C Lo said...

I'm in love with this one! I've been jonesing for some more leopard in my wardrobe lately........totally jealous.

Lorena said...

I could not expect less from you !
Marvelous outfit - and as usual your pattern combinations are award winning.

Rose said...

Love the look with the outerwear!

Oh...and the gin! :-)

Have a great holiday, Kasmira! Looking forward to seeing you in person when rehearsals begin.

Sarah said...

Umm. I know I already said this, but that bun + bangs is just too adorable. I can't wait until my hair is long enough to do that.

"When your shoulders are this bangin'..." This seriously made me laugh. The vest works perfectly with the outfit!

Sheila said...

I love the bun! Your hair looks great lately.

I laughed at the gin. If you ever make it up this way, I will introduce you to Victoria Gin - it's amazing.

Have a lovely holiday and thank you for the continued inspiration! All the best to you, Beefy and the cats!


Megan G said...

Your jeans are amaaaaazing. I also love your striped sweater. Hope you're having a happy Christmas so far!

Londyn said...

ditto on Megan Mae's comment. Those jeans are fierce on you - so sexy! and I continue to drool over that sweater.

Jennifer said...

Hi girl! New to your blog, discovered it from Citizen Rosebud's 40+ blogroll (I just got added not too long ago!). Love this outfit and loving how bright and high-quality your indoor photos are! Do you have any special lighting, or how do you achieve that? Thanks so much!
Jennifer :)

Kasmira said...

Welcome, Jennifer! Here are my techniques for indoor self-portraits: