Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Purchases

I maybe had a little too much free time in December. Free time to spend at Goodwill, Target, and a little on-line Macy’s shopping!


When Beefy and I planned our agenda for our annual winter-time Michigan trip, I made sure that a trip to the Benton Harbor Goodwill was included.

1. Borgazia faux fur coat, $19.99. I always have trouble paying more than $10 an item at the thrift store. However, this coat is in mint condition and so so warm.

2. Wet Seal tunic, $6.99. Although Wet Seal clothing tends to be “disposable,” this tunic is in good condition. And I’m always looking for something longer than a shirt but shorter than a dress to pair with leggings and skinny jeans.

3. Liz Sport animal print button-front shirt, $3.99. If I wear this half as much as I’ve worn my thrifted silk leopard button-front, I’ll have that CPW down to pennies in no time.

4. Eddie Bauer pastel geometric print button-front shirt, $3.99. I’m a little obsessed with flannel and pastels, right now. This shirt has them both! Sadly, the first time I wore it, we had our ducts cleaned and I wrestled a terrified kitten. He managed to tear two holes in the front of the shirt. I’ve sewn them shut, but the rents are still obvious. I won’t give up on it, though, and will find creative ways to layer.

5. Belt, $1.99

6. Necklace, $2.99. I purchased this with the intent of treating it with neon spraypaint. It was cream and brown. Now it’s bright green and orange.

Later in the month, Reva and I took a break from holiday madness at the Cheviot Goodwill.

7. Style & Co shorty western boots, $12.99. Reva persuaded me to try them on and then assured me that they did not give me cankles.

8. Bolivian handbag, $6.00. Yum! Red suede. Embossed leather. Ethnic trim.

9. H&M faux leather jacket, $6.99. A good fake.

10. BSB jeans paisley blazer, $3.49. Delightfully obnoxious.

11. Ann Taylor suede skirt, $2.00. This skirt is just beautifully made. It has a nice drape and weight. The length is perfect.

12. B Moss green corduroy skirt, $2.00. I’m not sure if the bulky corduroy is flattering, but I like the length and color, so I’m going to try styling it a few ways before I call it quits.

13. Arizona denim shorts, $1.64. I love the high waist. It makes the short inseam feel less scandalous.


I’ve been stalking this sweater since November. It went on sale. I bit.

14. Mossimo gray and mustard striped sweater, $12.58


I had $50 of gift card money left from my birthday. I used it during Macy’s Friends and Family sale.

15. Dr Scholl’s Ali booties. Ugly-cute or ugly-ugly? $74.25 - $50 = $24.25

December total: $111.88

Total spending for the year: $1540.30

I didn’t quite make it under $1500 for the year (or my $1200 budget), but I got a ton of stuff to show for my pennies!


k8irosa said...

The spraypainted necklace turned out did you do it? Are the beads wood?

Kasmira said...

I think the beads are plastic. First, I spraypainted the necklace white (several coats). Then, I sprayed one side of the necklace orange, let it dry, flipped it over, and painted the other side green. Each side got two coats of green or orange beads. With wear, the beads rotate, so you can see both green and orange.

Marie said...

Definitely cute booties. It is still going to be the year of booties for me at least.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Megan G said...

More nosy questions about that necklace - does it flake off or anything? I've seen tutorials for neon spray paint jewelry, but wondered if it would transfer onto clothing/skin.

I think you've done pretty well for your budget and gotten some really awesome pieces over the year.

Diana said...

Love the boots!

Kasmira said...

Megan Mae - I don't know if the paint will flake...this is my first spray-painted necklace. I'll let you know!

Megan G said...

Thanks, Kas, Look forward to feedback.

The Tote Trove said...

That spray-painted necklace rocks! Fabulous finds, as always.

Keely said...

I love those booties!