Monday, January 09, 2012

Second Verse

Some combos are just too good not to revisit. I wore this sweater and dress together to the Savings Summit in May of 2010. I really like the way the shapes of the two garments interact. For January of 2012, I layered it up a bit with a (leopard!) button-front shirt, lace leggings, knee-socks, and boots.

Sweater, The Limited. Shirt, Liz Sport (thrifted). Dress, Lipstick. Leggings, Forever 21. Boots, Nine West. Bracelets, thrifted and swapped.

Today and 19 months ago:

Which verse do you prefer?
Second (today's outfit) First (Savings Summit outfit) free polls 

P.S. Although I didn't photograph it today, I'm carrying the same purse as I did with the Savings Summit outfit. It's a perfect match for the teal in the dress and leggings.


Anonymous said...

I like todays outfit--but that may be because I love your red hair in that outfit beter then as a blonde!!

Adrienne said...

I love the pattern mixing in this combo.

Jude said...

I've probably said this a few times before, but I love that dress! You look fab in it. I love that cardi too! I can't pick a favorite; one says spring and the other says fall. I guess if I must choose it would be the boots over the shoes, but really it's not fair because they are both great outfits.

Kari said...

Today's outfit works better because the dark boots compliment the dark cardigan.

The Tote Trove said...

Definitely an outfit worth revisiting! I voted for the second version, mostly because your hair is red in that one, but also because I love the lace stockings.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a blog that I dont have to share with my 18year old, and I have found it. I sent her a few pics and she said, "oh mom, I love this blog!"