Friday, January 20, 2012

Knits and Wovens

I love knits. I could easily dress in them from head to toe. But I find that adding at least one woven piece into the mix elevates an outfit from pajamas to real clothes.

Sweater, Bloch. Denim shirt, Old Navy. Skirt, American Eagle (thrifted). Leggings, Danskin. Socks, Sock Dreams. Boots, Vince Camuto. Earrings, Claire's. Necklace, Zad.

At first, I tried on an olive-green turtleneck, in place of the denim shirt. But (a) my hair stylist hates it when I wear turtlenecks to a coloring appointment* and (b) the resulting all-knit outfit didn’t have any structure. I replaced the turtleneck with a button-front shirt and felt much sharper.

*Freshly colored hair on the blog tomorrow!

Photos by Beefy Muchacho


Megan G said...

I think it's very interesting how changing just one aspect of an outfit can alter the feel. I like a collared shirt with a cardigan because it gives a great shape. I also adore how you wear your OTK boots.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I second what Megan Mae said. This is just the coolest outfit. Love the necklace.

Fancy Grancy said...

I've been a faithful reader for over a year. I wanted you to know that you've inspired me to take risks, to express my own personality and creativity. I never comment on anyone's blog because I don't really feel qualified as I'm not a blogger myself. But I love your fearless style, your zest for life. Please know that you think you are only writing a fashion blog, but you are really helping others to embrace their own individuality. Thank you!

That Gill Girl said...

I always check in on your outfits, but first time to comment. I love this outfit! I like so many of your interesting combos but this one I did so much, I just had to tell you. It must be the colors and the cozy factor, plus I love the background.
Have a great day!

Kasmira said...

Fancy Grancy - thank you for leaving such a kind and heartfelt comment. You made my day!

Catherine, Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Ooooh fabulous layering Kasmira! The colours are perfect and I'm sure you've inspired me with similar-ish items I own (now I've discovered Pinterest you've been pinned! Expect more!)

Thanks for a great post :)))

Catherine x

Anonymous said...

I love this outfit so much - the combination of muted colours works great together.