Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Purchases

New year, new budget! Unfortunately, no resolution to stick to it!

I went way over my $100/month limit, so I feel the need to explain myself. Currently the following situations are driving my clothing shopping:

a. I’m obsessed with button-front shirts. It’s like a sickness. Anyone else feeling this preppy passion?
b. I cannot resist clothing that costs less than a cup of fancy coffee. I’d rather spend $8 at the thrift store than at Starbucks on a latte and a scone. If it came right down to it, I’d rather go thrifting than dine out at all. I’m down with eating ramen while gazing at my hoarded mound of second-hand clothing.
c. I’ve lost some weight. It all seems to have come out of my middle, so many of my dresses, skirts, and pants gap sadly at the waist.

My “reasons” don’t really justify everything I bought, but let’s just look at the pretty pictures instead of analyzing my thought process too closely.

Early in the month, I biked to the Stone Creek Towne Center and got to spend some quality time in a two stores that Beefy can barely tolerate…

JC Penney

Is it just me, or is the regular MNG for Mango line horribly overpriced? I walked past it to the clearance rack.

1. I Heart Ronson floral tank, $11.99
2. MNG for Mango Portland dress, $29.95. This fits like a dream (when it isn't stretched over a tee and pair of jeggings) and replaces the Forever 21 shirt dress I thrifted and dyed a dark blue.

I was sorely tempted by a pair of green boots (because I only have one pair), but decided I didn’t want to tote their weight back home in my saddlebag.

Old Navy

I walked out of Old Navy with three (yes, THREE) button-front shirts. All in shades of blue. I officially need no more.

3. Western-style denim shirt, $16.16
4. Chambray shirt, $16.97
5. Navy camp shirt with knit panels, $9.99
6. Olive turtleneck, $4.49

St Vincent de Paul

I went on a holiday, so almost all the clothing was half off!

7. INC sheer leopard blouse, $2.25
8. R and K Knits cream sweater, $2.25

9. The Limited denim skirt with lace trim, $4.49
10. Kristen and Hayley snake-print skirt, $2.25
11. American Eagle moss green wool skirt, $2.25

Honestly, all these skirts are ALSO too big in the waist. With a 12 inch difference between my waist and hips, I have to make the best of what I find….or take things to a tailor. On the bright side, there is always plenty of room for my food babies.

TJ Maxx

I really mustn’t visit this store to kill time. I walked in twice this month and, both times, walked out with something totally seasonally inappropriate. C’mon spring!

12. One Clothing gray and neon striped tank, $9.99
13. Imaginary Voyage cream crochet half-shirt (not pictured), $12.99
14. Rocket Dog patterned flats (not pictured), $19.99

We Love Colors

I decided, early on in this budget exercise, that I didn’t have to count the following items in my monthly budget: undergarments, socks, tights, cold-weather gear, workout clothes, and running shoes. Those are all necessities that must be replaced on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, I cannot convince myself that leggings fall into the necessities category, so I’m accounting for this pair.

15. Splash color matte leggings, $29.00

I’ve been a fan of We Love Colors tights for a few years. This is the first pair of the company’s leggings I’ve tried. They are PERFECT! Great sizing. No bagging. (I really hate bagging at the backs of the knees!) Smooth, but not shiny, finish. Many color options, including neutral, solid colors. I bought this pair for the wild print, but I’ll return for more in charcoal, brown, black, and olive.

January total: $175.01

Total spending for the year: $175.01

Next month, I’m looking for a pair of leopard shoes…either pumps or booties. I’d like to spend less than $50 on the shoes. $25 would be ideal, so I’d be back on track with my budget! Feel free to send me links.


Megan G said...

It's always expensive to change sizes, especially when a hard fit. I change sizes on a weekly basis so I need a range of clothing that still appeal, but fit either at many comfort levels.

Shoe hunting! I'd be able to narrow results better if I knew your size, but here ya go:

Seychelles Low Pumps $19.97 - $62.81

DV by Dolce Vita Women's Kitty Pump $39.50

Chinese Laundry Heels $48.99

Madden girl pumps $29.97

Women's Mossimo Versie Pumps - Leopard $29.99

Madden Girl Cluelezz Pump $34.94

Anonymous said...

I bought this pair of leopard pumps from Payless a few weeks ago - I love them so far! They're also quite budget friendly at $26.99.


Charlotte said...

I just bought a pair of leopard pumps on clearance at penney's for $25 then saw a similar pair for the same price at kohl's a couple week's ago.

I like button down shirts, but I can't find many that fit well. They're always either baggy at the waist or gaping at the bust. I need to work on my sewing skills so I can alter them myself.

EvaNadine said...

since other gals posted some great links for pumps, i did a little booty-research.








Angie said...

I love the jeans skirt and weater.

Kasmira said...

I love those Madden Girl Cluelezz mary janes! I am going to see if I can find them at my DSW and test out the comfort.

And my jaw dropped at the Shiekh Katelyn bootie! OMG. I've never heard of this retailer...so I'm a little gun shy. I shall research!

I'm intrigued by the Hailey jeans Co Women's 'Leland-5' Buckle Accent High Heel Booties on Overstock. I wonder if it's too much bulk to wear with a skirt or dress?

Londyn said...

I seriously need that snake skirt!! No.. I'm not joking!