Monday, October 15, 2012

Hot Velvet

I didn’t do a great job predicting Sacramento temps for the month of October. It seems I didn’t bring enough warm casual clothes and I brought too many wintry work garments. I’m making this velvet skirt work on an 80 degree day because I don’t have a lot of options!

Shirt, Old Navy. Skirt, Herman Geist (thrifted and shortened). Tights, Urban Outfitters. Shoes, Sole Obsession. Earrings, thrifted. Necklace, Emily Lyn Design. Bracelets, Tala’s Distant Treasures and gift. Rings, Black Hills Gold and Puzzrollrings.


annabananna said...

Ooh, love those stockings!

Suzanne said...

That skirt is amazing. Love the booties too.


Mia said...

I know that feeling--I was in the middle of packing away my warm-weather gear when we got this heat spike (88 today in Stockton, yikes), so I've been reluctantly holding some garments back until it passes. At least with the warmth, my hand-washing dries quickly!

That's a cute skirt, I hope things cool down soon so that it's more comfortable to wear it again.

Desdemona Vintage said...

love your outfits!!
am i missing something? where do I click to follow??

My Own Fairytale said...

Very nice and happy look.
Great skirt.

XO arezu