Friday, October 05, 2012


On my way home from a meeting in Livermore, I stopped to take pictures and hike at the Cosumnes River Preserve. I honestly thought it would be kind of lame…a flat trail, marshes, and lots of birds. I was wrong.

Shirt, Old Navy. Jeans, Vanilla Star. Scarf, Calypso St Barth for Target. Moccasins, Minnetonka. Earrings, Green Mountain. Rings, gift and Puzzroll rings.

Instead of boring, I found it breathtaking, especially as the sun was setting.

I was so sorry that all I had was the D40 and the stock lens. I’ll be back with the better camera and the wide and zoom lenses for another October sunset.

And I can’t forget to also bring binoculars and a bird book. The birds were amazing! (And I don’t even like birds.)


Lola said...

California is so beautiful--it'll break your heart with beauty.

maryeb said...

I've just been reading back over several days worth of posts. Wow, this looks like such a gorgeous place. I can't wait to see more photos. I'm thinking you might not miss Ohio all that much.

Kat said...

Your hair looks pretty fab in these shots too!

Kasmira said...

Ha! Thanks! It was super windy!

C said...

eventually you will like birds