Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Transformative Power of a Hat

Obviously, I’m working with a pretty limited wardrobe on this trip. But removing a blazer and adding a hat is a simple, low-inventory way to take an outfit from office to dinner.

First, blazer and no hat:

Blazer, J Crew. Blouse, Love on a Hanger. Skirt, Cynthia Rowley. Shoes, thrifted. Earrings, No Boundaries. Necklace, heirloom. Bracelets, Charming Charlie and Deb. Rings, heirloom, thrifted, and gift. Hat (below), Charming Charlie.

Next, hat, no blazer.

I think the magic is all in the hat, though. Not the absence of a blazer.


Kezzie said...

Hello Kashmira! I totally agree on the hat front- it always adds something to an outfit! If only I didn't have so many hats!!!

Lorena said...

So very Superman and Clark Kent ;)