Thursday, November 06, 2014

Perforated Bomber

What’s the point of a perforated bomber? It’s the perfect layering piece to add structure, interest, and texture when it’s too warm for a “real” jacket. Watch me wear it over everything I own! (Until it cools off and stays that way in Sacramento.)

Jacket, Faubourg du Temple (via Supply at Deeda Salon). Dress, Lipstick. Shoes, Joe’s. Sunglasses, Meow Meow. Earrings, Jack E Oh’s NYC. Bag, Clark’s.

My salons are the best.


Charlotte said...

I love it! And it pairs wonderfully with that dress, just like everything else.

Anonymous said...

I have an ivory lace bomber. You just gave me a great suggestion on how to get more wear out of it! Also, going back to your blog anniversary - I'm glad you stick with it. I look forward to your adventures and adventures in dressing. Most fashion blogs are copies of each other. You are a true original. Thanks for sharing for so many years. And Happy Birthday to you! Erica