Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I went to DSW in search of this particular pair of shoes. It’s a style I’ve been coveting and the online reviews are very good. They are indeed comfortable and not nearly as stumpifying as many flats. I’m so happy to have tracked these down!

Poncho, Tri Collections (consignment). Skirt, American Eagle (thrifted). Tights, MeMoi. Shoes, Kelly and Katie. Hat, Nine West. Necklace, thrifted.

Today’s 365 photo was taken at the vet’s office where we discoverd that someone weighs 20 pounds (at 13.5 weeks)! He’s going to be a big Border Collie.


Sydney said...

The whole outfit is divine! A someone who has a hard time in flats (funky thin rat feet), you've inspired me to find some fun ones to try again. And Jackson looks so pleased with his 20 lbs! He's beautiful!

DressUpNotDown said...

Sexy Inspector!!! Those tights are daringly cool! Loooooooooove your cape so much!!!!


Anonymous said...

I was getting ready to ask how you kept those stockings up when I re-read and realized they were tights. Interesting optical illusion! Loving the cape and hat too!

Jackson is such a happy looking pup! 20 pounds of cuteness and love!


Londyn said...

Oh I love this look so much!! Fun, funky, sexy, and unique - perfection!

Unknown said...

Lovely cape.

C Lo said...

ah! I have been looking for those exact shoes!!!!