Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Too Pro

These days, I prefer a business creative to a business casual outfit. But, sometimes, when I’m in a rush, I default to my corporate choices and then feel like a dweeb among my hip stylists.

Blazer, Love Tree. Dress, Banana Republic (consignment). Boots, Sofft (consignment). Sunglasses, Girlprops. Necklace, Taneesi. Bag, thrifted.

But, hey, look! I’m still cool because I take pictures of graffiti in alleys! I hang out near dumpsters! I may be wearing a blazer but I am EDGY.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

I haven't heard the word dweeb in so long! That just took me back. You may not stand out among the stylists, but rest assured that at your most boring you are still dressed more interesting than everyone I see.