Saturday, November 15, 2014

All My Animals Are Black And White

Yes, I dressed to match my dogs.

Jacket, Dex (swap). Dress, Urban Behavior (swap). Leggings, We Love Colors. Boots, Style & Co (thrifted). Bag, Allstate Leather. Brooch, swap. Pins, Disney.

Once we decide we are going to keep a dog, we initiate him with the “Ewok BBQ” carry. Jasper was a keeper at 10 weeks. With Jackson, we didn’t decide until 13 weeks. He’s very naughty and he has a lot of sass.

Jasper first, then Jackson:

As you can tell, neither dog enjoyed the experience.

Jackson is much more independent and mischievous than Jasper, which has made him more difficult to train. Still, I wouldn’t say he’s a slow learner. He knows sit, down, stand, go to jail (go in a crate), house, outside, potty, touch, and shake. Every day he is less of a monster puppy and more of a mannerly dog. He’s grown so much in seven weeks!

Lest you think we’ve forgotten all about the kitties, they are the subject of today’s 365 photo:


Anonymous said...

We, too, are crazy pet people. 2 dogs and 4 cats. I still have not figured out the secret to keeping my house clean. Any hints?

Your furry friends are all quite adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I used to know a darling Aussie whose favorite thing in life was to be flung, 'Ewok BBQ carry' style, into big piles of leaves in the fall. --Carrie

Kasmira said...

Merry Maids!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What lovely dogs - their owner doesn't look bad either!

emiaswg said...

Awww, I was wondering about your kitties. :)