Monday, December 08, 2014


I’m one step closer to my 40 B4 40 goal of getting my passport. Hopefully, it won’t be as touch and go as getting my California Drivers License. The amount of legal documentation required to prove my identity was incredibly frustrating and almost not accepted. (Hint: don’t change your name twice and then move to California. In fact, NEVER change your name. It’s such a hassle.)

Jacket, thrifted. Shirt, Merona. Shorts, Sans Souci. Tights, We Love Colors. Shoes, Chelsea Crew. Earrings, Epcot Morocco. Bag, thrifted.

The sunset was today’s 365 photo. On Sunday, I wore Saturday’s leggings and took Jasper to watch the California International Marathon.


Unknown said...

My dad had an attack of heritage when I was a kid and changed our last name from a very simple American-ized name to his father's original Italian last name. I can remember being taught how to spell it when I was 5, all nine letters (five of which are vowels). It has caused such a freaking hassle in my adult life with getting documentation. When I got married, when I got a passport, etc etc. I've had to get school records and all kinds of craziness.
Then one day I actually looked at the court order and it just changed *his* name. My mom, my sister, and if were not even listed. So in 1985, apparently we just started using different names. Good times.

Susan said...

Gorgeous sunset! The 365's are a nice addition to your blog!

C said...

does Jasper think those folks are kinda slow?

Kasmira said...

We were at mile 19, so they were pretty tired. I'm sure jasper would have happily pulled one along, though!