Friday, March 06, 2015

Nude Nets

Although I have year-round tan lines, thanks to swimming outdoors, I’m still pretty pale in March. While I don’t condone sun damage, it’s useful for camouflaging the bruises I inevitably rack up. I’ll darken as the days get longer and I’ll try to avoid new bruises, but until then, nude fishnets will do.

Shirt, Victoria’s Secret. Skirt, J Crew (consignment). Shoes, Seychelles. Sunglasses, Meow Meow. Bag, Clark’s.

I forgot to take a “real” 365 photo, so I’m using one of my detail shots:


DressUpNotDown said...

The "fake" 365 shot is my favorite of this set. :o)


Lorena said...

This looks really nice and I am all for the nude fishnet tights. I'd wear them in a heart beat.