Friday, March 27, 2015


One of my fondest memories is of taking the train from my house to my grandmother’s all by myself. I wore a wrist full of jangly bracelets, ate crunchy Cheetos, wrote a silly letter to my friend back home, and felt thoroughly cosmopolitan.

Beefy and I are making plans for a ride on the Zephyr between Sacramento and Denver. I can’t wait! (Note to self: pack noisy jewelry, junk food, and stationary.)

Perforated bomber, Faubourg du Temple (via Supply at Deeda Salon). Dress, Cut 25 (consignment). Oxfords, Chelsea Crew. Bag, Merona. Jewelry, vintage.

The Zephyr travels the same line as the cargo train that zoomed overhead during my photo session:

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Charlotte said...

Looking forward to hearing about your trip! Living in SLC, that's the line we would use. I've wanted to take a trip like that ever since we went to the train museum in Sac a few years ago, but the 3am SLC departure time is a bit difficult to manage.