Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On the Verge

The weather app keeps promising thunderstorms. The skies get cloudy. The air gets humid. But no rain. I either dress too lightly (and freeze from the suddenly cold wind) or too heavily (and sweat through my tights). This is weather purgatory!

Shirt, INC (thrifted). Dress, Gap. Tights, Urban Outfitters. Boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren. Sunglasses, Meow Meow. Necklace, Zad.

It still hadn’t rained by evening and we headed to Toastmasters in the sunshine. We were denied precipitation, but Beefy won the table topics ribbon and finally got to meet the man who collects all the signed Broadway posters hanging in our meeting room.


GoldenPoppy said...

I love this outfit! The leopard with the stripes and that wood necklace - its perfect! Do you ever repeat your favorite outfits off camera?

Kasmira said...

I occasionally rewear an outfit for an evening event. Most of my repeats are on the weekends, with casual outfits.