Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lazy Day-to-Night

There is usually a fancy dinner, requiring at least cocktail, if not formal, attire at our conferences. The other ladies manage to transform themselves in the 90 minutes between the last meeting and the start of the evening. They reappear dressed in satin, wearing false eyelashes, and sporting elaborate hairdos. I’m the laziest day-to-night dresser in the bunch. I usually just remove a layer and change accessories.


Blazer, James Jeans. Dress, Parker. Obi, Sugdamiinka. Shoes, Kelly and Katie. Earrigns, No Boundaries. Bag, Aldo.


Dress, Parker. Shoes, Nine West. Necklace, Banana Republic. Bag, vintage.

I was not lazy earlier in the day. My participation in the workshops earned me lots of “money:”


Anonymous said...

That striped bag is amazing!

Love both outfits :)

Red said...

LOVE those red shoes on you!

False eyelashes, on the other hand....yikes. Don't get the appeal unless one is doing Rocky Horror.