Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I love silk, but it isn’t terribly practical for someone who can’t manage to eat or drink or simply cut some corn off a cob without soiling her clothing. The pattern of this dress mostly hides the cornsplosion that sprayed all over my front as I prepared my lunch. I need to wear an apron (and a bib).

Hat, Milani. Dress, Banana Republic (consignment). Shoes, Kelly & Katie. Earrings, street vendor. Sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs.


This dress is now bound for the cleaners. I wore something else to The Press Bistro for dinner.


Anonymous said...

I even HAVE a hand-made apron hanging in the kitchen that I've never used. I'll never learn.

Lola said...

"Corrnsplosion" is my new favorite word.

I found a long-sleeved 100% silk dress while thrifting today---snapped it up as I thought of you. I do have to have the pockets sewn up and removed. I am far "hippier" than thou.