Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Suede September

Suede is already shaping up to be an ubiquitous fall trend this year. The best part about suede is that it always seems to end up at the thrift store . . probably because cleaning suede can cost more than the item itself. But I learned a secret: suede can often be machine washed on the gentle cycle with Woolite! I tried it on this $2 thrifted skirt with flawless results.

Shirt, Old Navy. Skirt, Ann Taylor (thrifted). Shoes, BCBGeneration. Earrings, Into the Fray. Bag, Aldo.

Will you be wearing suede this season?

More suede skirt outfits:

Today’s 365 has nothing to do with suede skirts. Just a picture of a dog in a box. It turns out that dogs don’t like boxes as much as cats but are willing to pose in them for treats.


Anonymous said...

Love the color palette of this outfit! And those shoes!

I may try suede now that I know your laundering secret. Cleaning is the reason I've avoided it even at the thrift store.


Cute dog in a box, too!

Sheila said...

Make sure that your skirt's lining is 100% polyester and not 100% acetate! If you wash acetate it will turn into a big ball of goo. I've washed several suede items and had excellent results. I find that they tighten up slightly, but then stretch out again and conform even better to your body.

I'm calling for cat pictures! I love your dogs (and I'm not a dog person), but what about Roy and Walt and??

Anonymous said...

Won't it mess with the lining?

Kasmira said...

See Sheila's note, above. Polyester lining is ok.