Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Purchases

I had every intention of being on the “nice” list for December, but, well, Star Wars! Although my 2015 budget was already spent, I couldn’t resist some Star Wars apparel and a thrift shop on Boxing Day. (Oh, and I picked up a couple of pairs of earrings while shopping for Christmas presents.) I definitely made the naughty list.

Forever 21

1. R2D2 pullover, $24.90
2. Darth Vader leggings, $19.90.

If you follow my instagram (@KasmiraKit), you know I also bought the Jedi PJ pants, but I don’t count pajamas in my budget. (Even though I wore those pajama pants to a party. And it wasn't a pajama party.)


3. Star Wars hat, $30-ish. (I seem to have lost the receipt.)

Rose Bowl Flea Market

I’m not super keen on Disneyland, so I get to pick a second destination on our Mickey Mouse trips. I chose the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It was glorious AND I finished up my Christmas shopping.

4. Golden Grass Brazil leather tassle earrings, $18.00 x 2 = $36.00


5. Ferragamo wedges, $4.00.
6. Leopard stretchy belt, $1.00.
7. Embellished leather belt, $1.50.

December total: $117.30

Total spending for the year: $1976.39

Remaining 2015 budget: -$203.39.

I ended the year over my budget, but I did better than in previous years! In 2014, I was $500 over budget and in 2013, I was $1000 over budget.

For 2016, I have a clothing budget of $25/month. I have some large expenses coming up, so I plan to limit my “fun” shopping to thrift stores. (I don’t count things like underwear, pajamas, or workout gear in my budget.) I initially planned a budget of $0, but a few new things from the thrift store each month will stave off total wardrobe boredom (for me and you).

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Lorena said...

The R2D2 sweater is my fave- and of course the Ferragamo wedges...
I have no idea how much I spent this year in clothes I should be doing my budget next week and to be honest I am a little scared as in December I went nuts.