Friday, April 01, 2016


I’ve fantasized about running away since I began daydreaming. As a child, in church, I would imagine stepping through the mural wallpaper into the redwood forest it depicted. As an adult, I consider NOT taking my home exit from the freeway and driving until my credit cards max out. My most powerful fantasies were listening to the train whistle from my military bunk at the USMC Officer Candidate School in 1999. I was there of my own volition and could have left at any time, but still imagined a nighttime escape from the barracks and a harrowing leap onto an open car as the train slowed through base. Life on the tracks sounded much more appealing than being yelled at by sergeant instructors and much more exciting than simply washing out.

Shirt, Old Navy. Pants, Polo Ralph Lauren. Shoes, BCBGeneration. Hat, Betmar. Sunglasses, Charming Charlie. Earrings, vintage. Bag, Aldo.

My runaway fantasies were reawakened by a recent This American Life piece about the boy who ran away from home to live with Piers Anthony. Give it a listen! (Especially if you were ever a Piers Anthony fan.)


Anonymous said...

I've also had fantasies of running away for as long as my credit cards lasted. What always stops me is the thought of having to pay them all off!

Wondering how the pants are wearing/washing? They are silk, right?


Kasmira said...

J - the pants look best if they are dry cleaned, but I've handwashed them once. Overall, they have held up very well. The dark patches are actually a thicker, stiffer weave of silk. The only problem is that I eat my lunch in the car and inevitably drop something greasy on my lap and the resulting mark is only removed with a trip to the cleaners. :(